Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Science headache

The latest concept in the world of physics seems to be that the entire Universe is just one huge hologram. Does this mean that God has one huge disc that has everything on it? This could explain alternate realities if God has burned some other copies. The whole hologram theory just confuses me. I thought that black holes were hard to understand before. Now they may just be huge spinning discs with the data for the Universe on them. First came the concept of the Big Bang, then came the concept of the Big Crunch. Could the Big Crunch come if God hits the defragmentation button? If we are simply holograms, when I am lying in the dark why can't I stick my finger through my chest? Could Dark Matter simply be smudges on the disc? When we die do we simply end up in the Trash Bin? Sheldon Cooper, where are you when I need you?

Monday, November 7, 2011

Pants on Fire

I have been monitoring the stances of the Republican candidates. Are they even reading their speeches beforehand? Sentence after sentence, they seem to contradict what they said moments ago. They all seem to want to tamper with the Constitution. What was it that Thomas More said about the Law? It appears that they would like to turn the Supreme Court into a branch of Dewy, Cheatum, and Howe. They all want to mess with the health care system but no one is proposing that the legislators stop receiving totally free health care. The Japanese and the English and the Scandanavians all seem to have solved the problem of health care but no one is proposing to follow any of their examples. The natural resources of the United States should be the property of the people, as Norway has determined, and all of that oil and gas revenue might pay for a pretty good health care system. A man's view on abortion is about as relevant as a woman's view on emasculation. As an old Italian lady told the Pope when he made a speech on birht control "You no playa da game, you no maka da rules.".
Herman Cain seems to be the only candidate that has some solid ideas. I don't know how workable they are but at least he is not constantly backsliding on them. He may have some touching problems in his past but consider the former holders of the Executive office. Roosevelt had a mistress, Eisenhower had a girlfriend, Kennedy was responsible for our immense crop of wild oats, Johnson was a notorious rake, and Clinton should have provided free dry cleaning for the White House staff. The Legislature chose to pillory Clinton. Pretty strong medicine for an organization that gives new meaning to the phrase "Turning over a new Page.". That leaves Truman, Nixon, and the Bushes untainted. Truman's motto was "The Buck Stops Here!'. The others had a policy of "MMMM, bucks. Einie, Menie, Minie, Mo, How can I spend all of this dough.". I must exclude the elder Bush from all of this bile. I think that he was an honorable man. Jimmy Carter is one of the most admirable human beings that ever lived. Truman is gone. Jimmy, how about one more run? Romney just wants to have something to pass the time while he waits for a vacancy in the Trinity.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Wonderer

When I was young, I used to wonder "What will become of me?". All that I wanted was a family and to become a marine biologist. Now I wonder "How could this have all happened?". I got the family but I broke it. I gave up on the biologist thing and took a dull repetitive job to make the family work. I looked forward to gravitas but I did not give up my childish ways.
I still have dreams but I have given up on dreaming. The days are dwindling down but the fire of the boy is still an ember in my mind. The mind is filled with ashes but there is still the glow of what could be. "Que sera, sera.". A small home, a large piece of land, a stocked larder, a woodstove, and my family around me are the things of the dreams but they no longer press on my mind. It is unwise to press the mind for it might eliminate the wrinkles and the wrinkles are where the glow is. To have dreams without dreaming is to say "I wanted more but I will take what is coming and be glad of it. It has been a good run.".

Monday, October 31, 2011


The forecast for tons of snow was wrong in this area. We got a few inches but the forecast for downed trees was correct. The power was out for several hours. I awakened about 6 A.M.. There was no power. That meant no coffee. I heated water with a candle placed under a small pot. The result was about one half of a cup of tepid coffee. The power came back on about 10:30 A.M.. Considering that it was a Sunday and the power was out all over the region, the power company did a wonderful job of restoring the power. I sat in the kitchen with the Sun pouring in through the window and read and sipped tepid coffee. The power came back on, acompanied by an accolade of beeps from all of the electronic things. There are so many things in life that now go BEEP. It used to be just the Roadrunner that went BEEP BEEP. It would be good to hear a healthy CLANG once and a while. It used to be that even if the power was out, the telephone would still work. The telephone company has its own power and batteries. None of the telephones worked during the outage as they all need to be plugged into a recepticle to work. I do miss the Plain Old Telephones that were black, could be dropped out a third story window and still work, and had a dial instead of going beep beep. I also miss Carmallow Bars and Welch's Fudge, Pizza that was not buried under two inches of goop, and the old L.L. Bean catalogue, the one that had fishing flies and down jackets that were good to thirty below. I miss Casanov's Bulkies and Nepco knackwurst and Orange Crush in the brown bottle and the big Flexible Flyer sleds. I think that I miss my sanity most of all.

Friday, October 28, 2011

The day No Child was born

Last night was full of disconcerting dreams and thoughts. I kept returning to the day No Child was born. No Child was born just moments after Wonder Child was born. No Child heralded the end of many things. It was the end of trust and the end of tenderness. It was the end of the comforting feeling that no matter what happened, someone had your back. Disturbing dark feelings are rampant now. It will take a while to cleanse them.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I watch two television shows. Two and a Half Men and The Big Bang Theory. They are now on opposing channels at the same time. I am opting for The Big Bang as Two and a Half Men is not the same without Charle Sheen's little bit of evil as a condiment. The Big Bang has the classic comedy situation where everyone around Leonard is crazy, therefore he is seen as the odd one. It reminds me of the old Burns and Allen show.
Last night was full of dreams and periods of awakening. The dreams were not scary but many of them concerned things from long ago. I awakened once and realized that I could not remember William Wallace's name. I was pretty sure that the first letter of his name was W and therefore started adding each vowel to the W and when I reached i it came to me. It is reminiscent of Grendle. I now have a pneumonic to recall Grendle. I picture the monster dressed in a G string. It may be a little odd but it works. Wallace will now forever be dressed as Willie Wonka.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Looking Up

Things are looking up. The landlord managed to clear the drain problems. That old man knows what he is doing. He cleared twenty feet of solid muck out of the drain using several lengths of pipe.The toilet now flushes well, the bathroom sink now drains, and the kitchen sinks now drain.
I am going to have to replace the Halloween candy again. This time it was Butterfingers and Peanut Butter Cups. If Halloween doesn't come soon I am going to have a serious case of sugar diabetes. The weather has turned seriously cool, not freezing but seriously cool. Under two blankets, this is really good sleeping weather.